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NYC Skyline BW

Accelerated and sustained growth, leveraging digital capabilities

About Us

The digital growth mandate requires specific new-age skills and a comprehensive approach spanning across traditional functional silos. We specialise in driving agile cross-functional initiatives bringing deep expertise in consumer behavior, business consulting, data-driven marketing, analytics, technology, project management and organisation design to drive business growth and efficiencies. 

We are experienced in founding and running businesses. and have led growth, revenue and product teams at some of the fastest growing consumer internet companies. This combined with our strong ecosystem of partners and domain experts; helps us offer the most apt and impactful solutions to help businesses grow.

Venture partners and business owners experienced in driving results

Strategy and Implementation

We work across sales, marketing, operations, analytics, marketing, product development and product management. We are the new age problem solvers, who take complete ownership right from developing strategy to final implementation. We own business results. We are trusted advisors and implementation partners for companies ranging from small- medium businesses to large MNCs. Additionally a large part of our engagements is to help organisations develop strong internal capabilities to sustainably drive measurable and tangible digital growth.

We help companies implement nimble, agile processes and systems to allow you to reduce time to market and time to insights while developing internal digital capabilities in mid to long term. The iterative data-driven approach helps ensure that the organisation is quick to respond to external changes, executes fast and invests judicially in the most effective and impactful initiatives.  

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